This blog was started as an assessment for a social media paper run through Massey University in New Zealand… actually this is the second time I have been lucky enough to start a blog as part of university, the first was back in 2009 when I used blogging as a way to complete and turn in  a personal development journal for a leadership paper. Either way you look at it… isn’t is a sign of the times that we can use these handy platforms and put them to good use in education!

A little about me

I built my first website at the age of 15 and now have over 10 years of hands-on experience in the technology and web development industry.

Constantly playing the role of linchpin between business stakeholders and technical parties, I ride a fine line between both disciplines with a passion for technology, the web, business and leadership.
With the recent rise in popularity of Software as a Service (SaaS) and Cloud Computing platforms, I have a keen interest in looking into the future potential of business in the online space or using online technologies to augment and compliment bricks and mortar businesses.

I hold a Diploma of Multimedia from the National College of Design and Technology and am currently working part time towards Bachelor of Business Studies in Business Information Systems at Massey University.
I continue my study in order to further understand the needs of organisations as more & more core business moves online.

I have a great talent for working with clients, understanding their needs and helping them understand sometimes complex, technical solutions in a clear and concise manner.

After spending 5 years as the Head of Technology at the award winning “learn to play online” music company Rockstar Recipes Ltd,www.rockstarrecipes.com (who I continue to advise and consult), I now focus on bringing my broad range of technical knowledge and pragmatic approach to researching, planning and implementing technical solutions to my consulting services.

It is important to me to consider the many complexities of a project, preserving the bigger picture while solving specific needs and implementing solutions.

I live and work in our countries lovely (some say windy!) capital city; Wellington, New Zealand and train in and teach the Japanese swordsmanship art of Iaidõ at a local community centre which builds character and is practiced as a form of “moving zen”. I hope to take a trip to Japan in the near future.

My Core Values


For me, being a geek encompasses my passion for technology and curiosity for learning new skills.  All through my life I have been privileged enough to have access to computers through various family members and friends.  I really enjoy finding ways to make life easier and more engaging through applying and adopting to new technology and gadgets.

Many people think of being a geek as an insult or a derogatory term, but to me and many others we see it as a way of life. Being a geek is really about being passionate and trying to understand something in great depth.
You can have many types of geeks though many people will tend to avoid the label; computer geeks, audio geeks (audiophiles), movie geeks (movie buffs), car geeks (petrol heads)… the list goes on. These are simply enthusiastic people who make their favourite activities and topics an integral part of their character and spend a lot of time engaged in self motivated learning about these passions.

For me and my work I tend to gravitate towards others that wear the badge of “geek” proudly and would really enjoy work where the geeks sense of enthusiasm and passion drives what is being worked on.


Communities are very important to me, both online communities through social networking, facebook, twitter, forums etc but also the real word communities I participate in.  Community is about both sharing and learning or more concisely “participating”. You are not getting the most out of your community if you are not doing this.

Communities are everywhere and they are more and more becoming part of doing business and life in general.  They offer great support and security to those who want to be a part.

I think any work I do in the future I will what to feel part of a team where I am working but also I would like to be building great social capital and building a tribe of followers around whatever product/service/ideas/concepts I am working on.

Lateral Thinking

I feel that creativity, ingenuity and innovation are all very important to me and are areas that I excel in. Right brains aside though, I am always one to bring exciting new ideas and building on them to make more ideas at any meeting. I enjoy working on projects where this is encouraged and can often see great potential and connect ideas that would not normally go together.

I will always want to work somewhere or with someone that favours vision and quality work/ideas, and where thinking outside the square is the norm rather than the exception.

Personal Growth

Again this is based around learning but for me this also is around challenging myself and stretching my skills so that I learn more about pushing my limits.
Being open to an opportunity apply my skills through hard work is important to me and my hard work ethic I something I pride myself on in my professional life.

Being a good human

  This is perhaps one of the most important areas as I tend to favour soft values. I always enjoy spending time with people and enjoy working with businesses that have a sense of meaning behind what they do.

This covers things like being honest, loyalty, being genuine and reliable but rather than just putting these labels on, they are people who posess the values that I do.

The ability to have a laugh, enjoy life and value relationships.

I am a good human and I want to build and contribute things that other good humans will enjoy and I want to do it in the spirit of being a good human.


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